From Vine to Exceptional Wine

"Traditional planting and
wine making, crafted with skill
and loving care, to yield
Sparkling Wine of exceptional
character and quality"

Welcome to English Oak Vineyard

Sparkling Wine has always been special. It’s the celebration signature in every significant occasion; those unforgettable moments in life’s journey, a christening, a graduation, a wedding, an anniversary...

Today it’s also about style, success and increasingly, a simple shared pleasure.
Our shared pleasure is to create for you sparkling wines that are in themselves an occasion.
Each vine is lovingly tended, each grape delicately pressed, each bottle the essence of our English countryside, bursting into life as you pop the cork and savour your special moment, whatever it may be.

Join with us in celebrating the best of English Sparkling Wine, read about our vineyard year, experience life in the vineyard day to day via our blog, then visit, taste, enjoy and share our passion for Quality English Sparkling Wine, at home and in specially selected prestige hotels and restaurants across the south.
A warm welcome to you, come on in...Andrew & Sarah