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Just like your favorite music, great wine has to be appropriate to your particular mood of the moment. That’s why we offer a range of wines, each with it’s own distinct charm and character to suit every taste, mood and occasion. Engelmann, our Premier Cuvee, is a beautifully rounded, creamy blend, with hints of green apple and notable length. It's perfect to enjoy anytime. Chinkapin, our delicately elegant, yet cheeky Rose, offers that distinctive romantic occasion blush, thanks to a little extra Pinot Noir spice, that delivers wild summer fruits. Then truly exceptional San Gabriel, our exclusively Chardonnay jewel in the crown, hits those perfect light, clean, crisp citrus high notes which set it apart from the traditional blends. Each one different, every one equally delicious! Which will you choose?

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Engelmann Cuvee 2013
Traditional blend 55% Chardonnay, 11% Pinot Noir & 34% Pinot Meunier Price excludes postage.
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Chinkapin Rose 2014
Traditional blend 51% Chardonnay, 16% Pinot Noir & 33% Pinot Meunier Price excludes postage.
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San Gabriel Blancs De Blanc 2010
100% Chardonnay exclusively from the premier apect. Price excludes postage.
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Case of Engelmann
6 bottles of your favorite blend at a great saving. Price excludes postage.
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Case of Chinkapin
6 bottles of something cheeky at a price with a bit less cheek. Price excludes postage.
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Case of San Gabriel
6 bottles of something extra special at an extra special price. Price excludes postage.
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Ménage à trois!
Wicked Chinkapin, zingy Engelmann and delicate San Gabriel, together for your pleasure. Why choose?!
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Out Of Stock
Corkers is a fun game of luck and skill based on the wine industry.
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Vineyard Tour
Tour our beautiful vineyard and sample the wine.
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