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THE Wine Game!

Played by 2 to 6 individuals or teams, Corkers is a fun game of luck and skill based on the wine industry. It has been designed so that anyone with only a slight knowledge of wine can win. If you know about wine you may have the edge over your opponents, but the roll of the dice and game strategy give everyone the chance of winning.

Travel through the vineyards of the world

Test your wine knowledge to earn grapes and own vineyards

Evict your opponents to claim ownership

Sell or auction your grapes to raise more cash

Learn more about wine each time you play

A minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 6 players (age 8 to adult) or teams can play

Best enjoyed with a delicious glass, or two, of English Oak Sparkling Wine. It may not help you to answer the questions correctly, but you definitely won’t care so much if you lose!