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Chinkapin Rose 2014

Chinkapin Rose 2014

Each of our wines is named after an Oak. The deciduous Chinkapin Oak, known for its sweet acorns, certainly catches the eye with a classic rounded crown towering 50m tall. Crafted from the finest grapes grown in this boutique vineyard, our delicious Chinkapin Rosé seductively demands equal attention, with extra glamour derived from it’s distinctive delicate blush signature.

Strictly limited production blends classic Chardonnay’s citrus brightness and clarity, Pinot Noir’s spicy warmth and body and Pinot Meunier’s richness and charm, to craft a lively yet balanced and elegant, creamy whole.

Delicately pink in colour this beautifully elegant Rosé opens with streams of persistent tiny bubbles and a delightful light floral nose of bright red berry fruit, wild strawberry and raspberry with a cheeky hint of spice. Best described as "a summer pudding in a glass", this is a truly moreish sparkling wine!.

Crafted by 'Methode Traditionnelle' from the classic Champagne varieties who’s cépage is Chardonnay 51%, Pinot Noir 16%, and Pinot Meunier 33%. A nice balance of fruit, acids and subtle toastiness is achieved, with suggestions of wild raspberries and strawberries, the slightest hint of peach and cherry, with undertones of Pinot Noir spice and great length and complexity. Perfect for warm summer evenings and al- fresco dining.

In it's preparation, we take great care to emulate 'Methode Traditionnelle', using 14 different clones/rootstocks to mimic the typical French practice of blending grapes from a number of different vineyards to add interest and complexity.

The grapes are then pressed gently in a traditional Coquard basket press to ensure only the highest quality juice is extracted. The wine remains in vat for twelve months to optimise volume fermentation, before blending with precisely the right quantity of red wine, set aside from our own vineyard, to achieve that special enchanting and seductive color that is the signature of a great Rosé.

This wine then undergoes a first fermentation in tank for nine months to optimise the volume of the base still wine. Yeast is then added before lees aging each bottle in the cellar for a minimum of 24 additional months to develop it's distinctive delicious character.

Perfect with barbecued meat or a roast lamb dish and some firm cheese to follow.
This wine demands another glass, then another, then another! Surrender to the seductive charm of Chinkapin Rosé!