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San Gabriel Blancs De Blanc 2010

San Gabriel Blancs De Blanc 2010

Each of our wines is named after a variety of Oak. The San Gabriel Oak thrives in cool clear crisp and light north American highland air. From the finest grapes grown in this boutique Purbeck vineyard, San Gabriel Blancs de Blanc occupies a similar high point in or family of wines, being crafted exclusively from Chardonnay grapes grown in the vineyard’s premier aspect and aged for an extended period to develop a delicate but distinctive character.

Strictly limited production exploits Chardonnay’s distinctive citrus brightness and clarity to create a light, lively yet delicate, crisp Brut-style sparkling wine.

Light, refreshing and balanced, the Chardonnay dominance in this beautifully elegant Blancs de Blanc brings a floral character to the nose, reflecting fresh lemons and subtle developing hints of pear and biscuit. Crisp on the palate, with lemons, pear and baked apple fruit freshness. This wine offers a beautifully poised balance of fruit and acids, with great length, clarity and youthful freshness and a big citrus bite.
In the preparation of our wine, we take great care to emulate 'Methode Traditionnelle', using different clones/rootstocks to mimic the typical French practice of blending grapes from a number of different vineyards to add interest and complexity to the wine. The grapes are then pressed gently in a traditional Coquard basket press to ensure only the highest quality juice is extracted. This wine undergoes a first fermentation in tank for nine months to optimise volume , before extended lees aging in the bottle for a minimum of 36 additional months to develop it's distinctive character.

This wine is a personal favorite and the perfect accompaniment for fresh seafood, an after dinner soft cheese board or even a tasty dessert of rhubarb and ice cream perhaps?